MedControl Platform

Challenge addressed

  • According to Census 2011 the population in Romania is ageing; there are 16,1% of people over 65 years and 1,3% over 85 years.
  • In the same time the adult population is getting more educated, and the life rhythm doesn’t allow them to be close to their parents and/or grandparents when it’s time to take their medication. Therefore they can not be sure that the medication has been taken in time and in the right dose. Under dose or over dose can have big consequences on the patient health, extra time and costs for the family member and the Health Care System.


  • Pill dispenser platform is a cloud platform consisting of a medical device that works paired with a mobile/web application that assures the family member/caregiver/pharmacist the medication has been dispensed in time and in the right dose.
  • The medical device has a GSM module that allows the communication between the device and the Cloud – Administration Center.
  • The web application is a cloud based solution that is linked to medical devices based on cloud account and device serial numbers

Features of the device & platform

  • The device holds the medication in special compartments
  • Operation: the pill dispenser can be filled by a family member/caregiver or pharmacist
  • It can be programmed manually or online via the Cloud Administration Center (recommended)
  • Quickly sync with the Cloud Administration Center with one push of a button
  • Dispense the medication at the alarm time
  • A self-locking shutter doesn’t allow the access to the medication tray
  • Warns the user through audible and/or visual signal that it is time to take the medication
  • Send text messages and e-mail to a pre-set family members/caregivers:
    • If the dose has not been taken
    • In case of a device error
    • If the device is upside down
    • If 4 doses remains in the device
    • If the level of the battery is low
  • Allows to follow the treatment by storing information
  • Reports and analytics
  • Critical event real time monitoring

MedControl Platform


  • For the user:
    • Offers a feeling of independence
    • Improves the overall health offering a better quality of life
    • Reduce the distress related to the medication administration
  • For the family members/caregivers:
    • Offers a feeling of safety and happiness that the medication treatment is followed as prescribed by the doctor
    • Increase the possibility to influence the medication compliance of the patient
    • Increase the communication and the interaction with the patient
  • For the Health Care System
    • reduce the risk of disease remission or aggravation because of the bad administration of the medication
    • reduce the risk of forgetting to take the dose by mistake
    • reduce the cost due to hospital readmission
  • For the pharmacy:
    • increase customer loyalty
    • assure a constant monthly flow of the medications