Careousel Advance GSM Dispenser

MED CONTROL - Careousel Advance GSM The Careousel® Advance GSM has the same enhanced security and display features as the Careousel® Advance, with a GSM module for text and email alerts if medication is not taken. Programmed via a dedicated Administration Centre, it can send text messages to up to three family members or carers, and one e-mail. If the user has a mobile phone he or she could be sent one of the warning messages.

The dispenser sends warnings in the event of:

  • 4 doses only remaining in the medication tray
  • Dose not Taken (halfway through, and at end of alarm time)
  • Device upside down
  • 4 doses remaining
  • Device Error

Careousel Advance GSM
With 1-24 daily alarms, visible LCD and a security shutter.

A self-locking shutter over the lid opening prevents access to the medication tray except at the alarm time. This prevents the possibility of double dosing or the forced movement of the medication tray by the user.

Upside-down – the tray will not rotate if upside down. When upright it will move to the correct dose for the time & date at the next alarm time.

START Delay and STOP functions, delays activation or deactivates dispenser – useful for those using multiple dispensers and to allow pharmacists or family members to fill in advance away from home.

Dozatorul Careousel Automatic Pill - Caracteristici


  • 1-24 daily alarms
  • 28 section tray
  • Secure shutter
  • LCD displays dispenser status
  • Start-delay and Stop functions
  • Upside-down memory
  • Self adjusting for Daylight Savings Time
  • ‘Doses left’ counter
  • Alarm can sound for 5 hours
  • Review actual ‘dose taken’ time
  • CE marked, RoHS compliant
  • Made in Sweden
  • Patent no. SE 535462C2

icon-pdfMed Control “Advanced GSM” User manual